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High-quality roof replacement for your home

Residential roof replacement is the cornerstone of our business. Metro City Roofing is Denver’s best roofing company with a proven reputation. We are hail damage insurance claim roof replacement experts and work with all insurance companies. We manage the entire roof replacement process for you.

Two Metro City Roofing crew in orange vests climbing a roof to begin a roof replacement in Denver, ColoradoTwo Metro City Roofing crew in orange vests climbing a roof to begin a roof replacement in Denver, Colorado


Key Customer Benefits to You

Metro City Roofing is the #1 roofing contractor recommended by local insurance agents across the Colorado Front Range.

We offer a no-pressure sales approach and do not ask for a signed contract until your insurance claim is approved for a new roof replacement.


99% success rate insurance claim approval when we recommend you file an insurance claim after your free inspection


$0 additional cost beyond your insurance deductible with no hidden surprises throughout your entire roof replacement process


28% average savings on homeowners insurance premiums with your free upgraded impact resistant shingles


A Step-by-Step Guide from Inspection through Roof Replacement

Replacing an old roof can be overwhelming. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. The roofing professionals at Metro City Roofing wanted to share the ultimate, step-by-step guide to roof replacement, from initial inspection through roof replacement.

Our skilled team will complete your roof replacement promptly, with expert installation and project management. We proudly use premium quality roofing materials from leading manufacturers that deliver superior protection against nature’s elements and storm damage while upgrading the look of your home. At Metro City Roofing, we also provide professional and reliable aftercare maintenance and support.

The following lists the six major process steps and supporting details:

Three Metro City Roofing crew members discarding asphalt shingles from a steep roof at the beginning of a roof replacement in Denver, Colorado

Steep roof replacement Our crew use ropes to tether themselves for safety protection

The following lists the six major process steps and supporting details:

Initial Roof Inspection

  • Find us on Google with “best roofing company,” “best roofing contractor,” or “best roofer near me,” drive past our work, or on a referral basis.
  • Initiate contact via email or phone.
  • One of our staff will have an initial call to understand the reason for your inquiry and schedule a free, no-obligation, roof inspection, typically the next day to several days out, depending on the time of year and our schedule.
    • We respect your time and will schedule a specific appointment time. We don’t expect you to wait at home for us during long appointment windows.
  • We inspect your roof and exterior of home.
    • A roof inspection will include looking at roof shingles or other types of roofing material, skylights, chimney, HVAC, metal flashing, and gutters. We will also look for exposed or rusted roofing nails.
    • The exterior inspection will look for damage to windows, siding, painting, downspouts, window wells, and more.
  • On the inside, we will inspect any interior damage and examine your attic for insulation and ensure you maximize energy efficiency and reduce costs as a homeowner. A high-performance roof takes more than just shingles. The performance of any roof depends on an entire system of products working and performing together, including ventilation and insulation. Even the highest-quality roof shingles cannot work alone to protect a home. That’s why it’s also important to consider attic insulation and proper ventilation when considering a roof replacement.
  • We document our inspection results with photos of your roof and more, plus videos, all of which can be helpful with the claims process.
  • We discuss our inspection results with you, sharing any photos or videos, so you can see what we see – whether your roof is in good condition or not.
Read more about insulation and ventilation

Meeting with Your Insurance Company

  • Depending on the extent of roof damage, we may recommend a roof repair or roof replacement, and may recommend you file an insurance claim with your insurance provider.
  • To file a roof insurance claim, you will need to know the date of loss and reason for the claim – i.e., hail damage claim.
    • Your roofer will know the date of loss to provide, based on the most recent or most significant reported hailstorm within the defined insurance claim window. (Many insurance companies limit a policyholder’s ability to file an insurance claim within one year of the date of loss from storm damage. The actual limit will vary by each insurance company, so we recommend filing as timely as possible. In this example, you cannot file an insurance claim on August 1, 2020, for a date of loss on July 4, 2019.)
    • Of note, to file an insurance claim for a date of loss within the defined time, you also must own your home as of the date of loss. In this example, if you purchased your home in December 2019 and have hail damage from the July 2019 hailstorm, you cannot file an insurance claim with the July 2019 date of loss.
  • We can help you call and file your roofing claim if you like with your local insurance agent or a central claims department. Once you’ve filed a hail-related claim, you will receive a claim number. It is essential to keep this safe.
  • Within several days, an assigned insurance adjuster (representing the insurance company) will contact you to schedule the insurance company inspection.
  • At Metro City Roofing, we strongly recommend (and will make every effort possible) that we attend this insurance inspection. As a roofing contractor, we represent you the policyholder and walk the property and roof together, ensuring the insurance adjuster sees the damage we’ve seen and documented.
  • Once your insurance adjuster completes the inspection, he/she will communicate with you, the policyholder, and share the inspection results.

Settling Your Hail Damage Claim

  • Assuming the insurance adjuster recommends a new roof replacement, he/she will create an initial insurance estimate for replacement cost. Some insurance companies will write the estimate on the spot while many will write the estimate later and mail it to you. Some will even provide you with an initial check based on the current market replacement value, less your deductible and depreciation (calculated based on the age of your roof and condition).
  • Once you receive your initial insurance estimate, we need a copy, too, to review for accuracy and determine what, if any, supplement items need to be provided to the insurance company.
  • Metro City Roofing uses industry-standard aerial measurement software to measure your roof (square feet, pitches, gutter lengths, and more).
  • We also use industry-standard estimating software to create estimates that we share with customers and insurance companies.
  • By using industry-standard measurement and estimating software, our supplement process is more efficient.
  • We then submit a supplement to your insurance provider, which may include our estimate, measurement report, photos, and code documentation as needed to support our request to settle your roof claim.
  • The supplement process can take several days to several weeks; it’s the long pole in the tent as we say – as we do not control the timing.
  • Once we’ve settled your insurance claim satisfactorily, we review together with you and typically sign a contract. In this process, you have many roofing options, and will select your roofing material and color, including the color of roofing vents and more.
Read more about hailstorm damage services

Ordering Your Permit and Roofing Materials

  • Metro City Roofing will then pull a permit for your new roof replacement and submit the permit, plus our signed contract, to your insurance company. Some insurance companies will release all balance of funds at this point while others still require a final invoice and communication that all work is completed.
  • We will next order your roofing materials with a roofing supplies company and request a date for delivery. Delivery options will either be a roof load where the roofing supplies company load materials directly onto your roof or a ground drop in front of your house. The delivery option is mainly dependent on the accessibility of your roof from the street. Of course, we will communicate with you about the date of delivery.
    • If materials are roof loaded, this is typically completed one or more days in advance. When materials are scheduled to be roof loaded, the roof supplies company will need access to your driveway – and all vehicles cleared.
    • If materials must be ground dropped, we will have materials delivered the day of your roof replacement, so that we avoid material theft.
  • Depending on your home’s age, we may need to install sheathing or decking to meet the code requirements of a solidly sheathed deck. When this is required, the workload typically adds a full day to a roof replacement project.
  • We will then schedule labor to complete your roof replacement.

Day of Your Roof Replacement

  • Our crew typically arrives at 7 am and works until sundown if a 1-day project. Times can change based on the time of year and amount of sunlight and weather conditions.
  • An experienced project manager will post a permit (where required to be posted) and review your project with the crew. We typically like to chat with customers at the beginning of your project to reiterate all that’s going to happen over the roof replacement course. Our project manager will inspect the materials for accuracy as well.
  • Our crew will start by covering the perimeter of your property will tarps, which includes driveway, entryways, flowers, and bushes.
  • We will also back our truck or dumpster as close to your property as possible to discard your existing roof materials as efficiently as possible.
  • We will tear-off your old roofing materials and inspect the roof decking or roof sheathing in more detail. New wood decking may need to be installed to meet code requirements of a solidly sheathed deck. Yes, that’s a real thing.
  • Our crew will begin the roof installation to hammer any raised nails to ensure they’re all flush with the roof deck.
  • We will install drip edge and gutter apron at eaves and rakes, premium roofing felt underlayment, starter shingles, a valley flashing liner to prevent water damage, and an ice barrier where code is required. (When code required to prevent ice dams, an ice barrier must extend a minimum 24 inches from the edge of your roofline.) We install skylight and chimney flashing and replace roof vents. Following this, our installers will install your new shingles and ridge cap, ridge vent (if elected). If your home is in a high-wind area, additional nailing may be required.
  • The tear-off and roof replacement process would be similar with another type of roof material.
  • Once we’re completed, the crew will clean up all old roofing materials and debris, and magnetically sweep your property for nails and trimmed metal.
  • We will clean your gutters to ensure there are no leaves or debris from your roof replacement. Gutters and downspouts comprise your gutter system and are an essential component of your roofing system to move water off your roof and away from your home. If the gutters or downspouts are clogged, rusted, leaking or faulty, they cannot do their jobs effectively. Trapped water may spill into your home and eventually even flood your basement. When rainwater has nowhere to go, your roof can even become waterlogged and rot.
  • Our project manager will walk your property too to ensure clean-up meets our standards.
Read more about gutter cleaning

Final Settlement for your Hail Damage Roof Claim

  • We will submit any final documentation to your insurance company so they will release the balance of funds owed to you. This can include updating the insurance estimate price list to the current month. (Often, the price list on your initial estimate will be based on the date of loss – but the price list will be updated to the month work is completed.
  • Once you receive all final payment, we will submit an invoice for payment to Metro City Roofing.
  • Once we receive payment in full, Metro City Roofing will provide you with a final packet. This packet includes your invoice (reflecting paid in full), a sticker to affix in your garage or elsewhere stating the date of roof replacement and material installed, and a Class 4 certification where required by insurance companies to warrant a discount on your insurance policy premium.
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For our roofing customers, we will handle additional trades for your home, including gutters, insulation, painting, windows, skylights, solar, and more.


#1 Roofing Contractor Recommended by Local Colorado Insurance Agents


99% success rate to successfully get your roof claim approved when we recommend you file an insurance claim

We Inspect Your Hail Damaged Roof Like an Insurance Adjuster

We are wind and hail damage insurance claim roofing experts and have perfected the insurance claim and roof restoration process. Our team is comprised of state-licensed independent adjusters, which means we inspect your property with the same lens as an insurance adjuster. We even inspect inside your home when you have a known roof leak.

At Metro City Roofing, we are passionate about training and earning certifications and licenses that enable us to articulate why we’re different and better than other Colorado roofing companies. We earned the All Lines Adjuster License, the industry-standard license for all insurance adjusters that only 2% of roofing companies earned.


$0 additional cost beyond your insurance deductible, with no hidden surprises

Only Pay Your Insurance Deductible

At Metro City Roofing, we pride ourselves on clear and straightforward communication. No fast talking or high-pressure sales tactics. No surprises. Ever.

Our professional roofing services staff will settle your hail or wind insurance claim directly, including possible code-related requirements, to ensure that you receive all funds owed to you.

You pay your insurance deductible – that’s it. Working with Metro City Roofing is hassle-free.

The cost of a new roof will depend on many factors, including the square feet of your roof, the number of stories of your home or building, the pitch of your roof, and the accessibility of your house to the street or driveway. Accessibility is essential to load materials more effectively and drives labor costs. Additional variables include the number of layers of shingles of the existing roof, condition of the roof and decking, code requirements, skylights, chimneys, and of course, the roof material selected. Thus, there is no such thing as a basic or typical roof.

Any contractor that can or will provide a quote or even an estimate over the phone without a thorough inspection may not be giving you the full picture. At Metro City Roofing, we recommend you first speak with a licensed and experienced professional roofing contractor with a detailed inspection before seeking the price of a new roof. You may get several low bids for your roof work with paperwork and a contract that lack enough details, but buyer beware, and you will likely get what you pay for in the first place. A detailed estimate or quote will list many line items, such as the roof size as measured per square foot (where 100 square feet equals 1 “square”, a measurement used in the roofing industry).

Homeowners, business owners, and property managers trust Metro City Roofing for their Denver roofing, Fort Collins roofing, and Colorado Springs roofing needs.

How We Work for You

Simplifying the Storm Damage Claims Process for You

  • Work with all the major insurance companies and manage the entire homeowners insurance claims process on your behalf
  • Represent you during all interactions with your insurance adjuster, settling your hailstorm or windstorm insurance claim directly with your insurance company (which may include code-related requirements)
  • Ensure you receive all funds owed to you
  • Receive a full explanation of any damages and possible code-related requirements
  • Offer a full explanation of any damages and possible code-related requirements, with complete documentation of our inspection process
  • Act as a full-service claims and roof replacement company when a covered peril such as hailstorm or windstorm requires an insurance claim
Aerial view of a recent roof replacement with light brown asphalt shingles and cream color exterior by Metro City Roofing in Denver, Colorado

Denver home with Class 4 shingles Specially designed to withstand extreme winds, snow, and hail damage

We manage every detail of your roof replacement for you and treat your home like our own.


Many Roofing Materials Choices to Best Protect Your Home

Our professional staff is ready to discuss your residential roofing project and is skilled across a variety of types of roofing products and styles, including:

different types of roofing materials, including asphalt, clay, slate, wood, metal, and modified bitumen
  • Composition roofs – For many customers, price and affordability is a top priority. Composition shingles are available in many styles and colors, so you need not sacrifice curb appeal to stay within your budget.
  • Tile or Slate roofs – Tile or slate offer not only timeless beauty but also durability for many years. We would love to discuss various options and why a clay or concrete tile, or slate roof may be the right material choice for your home.
  • Metal roofs – Modern metal roofing systems are attractive and robust, and are available in many colors and styles, including stone coated steel tiles and panels with concealed fasteners.
  • Flat roofs – Flat roofs have made significant improvements in the past few years. There are numerous options, including TPO, EPDM, modified bitumen, and silicone elastomeric roof coatings.
Read more types of materials

Metro City Roofing is the only call you need to make for Colorado homeowners in need of a high-quality roofing contractor.


Your Home is Your Most Prized Asset. Don’t Trust It to Just Any Roofer.

At Metro City Roofing, we are passionate about training and earning certifications and licenses that enable us to articulate why we’re different and better than other Colorado roofing companies.

At Metro City Roofing, we frequently hear from customers how much a new roof replacement dramatically improves their home’s look. When you need a roof replacement for a hail-damaged or wind-damaged roof, choose Metro City Roofing, an expert Colorado roofing contractor, with offices in Denver and Colorado Springs, serving Coloradans across the Front Range.

Metro City Roofing works hard to be the Colorado residential roofing company you can count on for dependable and quality residential roofing services, including complete replacement, roof restoration, or roof repair.

We are roofing experts that stand behind each new roof replacement and residential roof repair. Our skilled and experienced roof installers will ensure to install your roofing system properly with high-quality craftsmanship.


fully insured and licensed in every city we inspect and complete roof replacements


of roofing companies earned the All Lines Adjuster License, the industry-standard license for all insurance adjusters


of our roofing projects are permitted, where City and County officials will inspect your roof replacement to ensure every aspect of your new roof is installed correctly


of Colorado roofing contractors are members of the National Roofing Contractors Association


of Colorado roofing contractors are members of the Colorado Roofing Association


of all contractors in Colorado, according to Buildzoom

Overall rating
65 reviews
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We respect your time.

We schedule specific appointment times and don’t expect you to wait at home for us during long appointment windows.


Answers to Common Questions Asked by Our Customers

The Institute of Business and Home Safety (IBHS) and the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) developed the UL 2218 classification to establish a national standard for roof impact resistance. Asphalt roofing shingles have ratings from Class 1 through 4 based on their resistance to a steel ball simulation test. A Class 4 roof shingle rating is the toughest.

Asphalt roofing shingles classified as impact resistant have a Class 4 rating designed to withstand high winds and hail damage. The shingle rating is not visible by merely looking at the asphalt shingles, although the impact rating is typically marked on the cellophane on the underside of the shingle.

Homeowners can expect to receive a 28% discount ($863 annual average savings) on their homeowners insurance policy with a Class 4 impact resistant roof.

Most asphalt roofing shingles will provide 20 or more years of protection before the end of its useful life, but some factors play a significant role in a roof’s longevity. In Colorado, sun and heat are factors that can impact your roof’s ability to protect your home, not to mention hail damage or wind damage to a roof.

We recommend you schedule an annual roof inspection as part of your home improvement process to identify roof damage or potential issues. A professional roofing company can find damages early and offer appropriate roof repairs at an affordable cost during a roof inspection.

Many homeowners recognize the need for a new roof when they see spots on the ceiling or leaks, but there are other critical signs. Warning signs include shingle granules in the gutters, signs of water leakage or damage on the ceiling, light shining through the roof (inside your attic), shingles curling or cracking, dark or saggy spots on the roof, missing shingles, or age.

It is essential to know the different effects that hail damage has on different types of roofs. For example, hail damage to asphalt and composition shingles looks very different from hail damage on wood shingles. Detection of hail damage on flat roofs might even require a core cut to be made and sent to an independent lab for testing.

The following are factors to consider when determining if your roof has hail damage:

Asphalt & Composition Shingles

  • Hail impact marks or “hits” that are black; older hail hits will show as gray – no longer black
  • Loss of granules, which may expose the roof felt; you may notice these granules on the ground near your downspouts
  • Random damage to the asphalt shingle with no pattern
  • Hail damage hits that are soft to the touch, like a bruise on an apple

Wood Shingles

  • A split in the shingle that is brown/orange in color exposing freshly cut wood
  • A break in the shingle that has little to no deterioration at the edges
  • Impact marks or dents along the splits
  • Random damage with no pattern

Flat Roof Systems

Detection in a flat roof system is often harder to identify unless there is a noticeable tear – usually in a circular or semi-circle shape. Thorough evaluation requires cutting into the roof and inspecting a core sample.

If there is damage to your landscaping, siding, gutters, windows, screens, or exterior appliances, there is also likely damage to your roof.

Contact the hail damage and roof replacement experts at Metro City Roofing for your free roof inspection.

Metro City Roofing crew replacing the roof of a duplex in Denver, Colorado with five crew members working in orange vests with landscape protection kit in the front of the duplex
Serving the Entire Colorado Front Range

Metro City Roofing is a Colorado roofing company headquartered in Denver, CO, with offices in Denver and Colorado Springs. We deliver the best professional roofing services across the entire Front Range from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, including, but not limited to, Greeley, Loveland, Boulder, Aurora, the Denver metro area, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, and Golden.

Meet our team See Our Projects
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We Continually Strive to Differentiate from Other Roofing Contractors in the Following Ways:

  • Licensed inspectors who inspect your roof and property with the lens of an insurance adjuster; all flat roof inspections include an evaluation with an infrared camera
  • Quality project managers who provide expert supervision on every new roof installation project
  • Professional insurance claim experts who settle your claim successfully
  • Experienced roof installers with many years of experience who deliver quality workmanship with each roof replacement, restoration, or roof repair
  • Expert sales representatives who help customers select the best roof for their home
  • Long-term warranties that cover material and quality and are backed by manufacturers

500+ completed roof inspections, documented with photos and videos


20+ years of professional experience, ensuring we have senior and knowledgeable staff to best serve our customers


100% of roofing projects are within Colorado. We do not chase storms around the country and set-up temporary operations.

We guarantee the durability and resistance of our roof. When you choose Metro City Roofing, you are choosing a reputable quality roofer, premium installation and craftsmanship, and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Our customers are always our top concern, and many satisfied customers have elected to share their positive experiences on Google and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Choose a Denver roofer, Colorado Springs, or Fort Collins roofing company that will treat your roofing project with the care and dedication it deserves to maximize your roof’s lifespan and deliver a roof warranty and extra protection to back it up.

Metro City Roofing is the #1 roofing contractor recommended by local insurance agents in Colorado. We work with all insurance companies and manage the entire hail damage roof replacement process for you.

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Our Suppliers

As a top roofing company in Colorado, we install only high-end asphalt shingle roofing brands, such as Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and GAF. We frequently recommend Owens Corning since they manufacture locally in Denver, CO.

We proudly install Owens Corning roofing materials for a new shingle roof, including shingles, ridge vent, underlayment, starter, and more. Owens Corning is a United States Fortune 500 company. Metro City Roofing is a Preferred Contractor and has earned numerous Owens Corning certifications, including Total Protection Roofing System and Top of the House certification. We have been specially trained on how roofing, ventilation, and attic insulation work together to improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

owens corning
carlisle syntec systems
johns manville

Our Associations

Metro City Roofing is a proud member of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), the Colorado Roofing Association (CRA), and is nationally certified with the International Code Council (ICC). We are also involved in numerous local Chambers of Commerce, including Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Broomfield, Westminster, Arvada, Golden, and more.

Best-In-Class Training and Certifications

owens corning
Owens Corning Top of the House certified logo with Pink Panther character leaning against a black house with red roof and Owens Corning logo inside the house

Our Installers

Our skilled and experienced roof installers will ensure to install your roofing system properly with high-quality craftsmanship. Our new roof installation crew has many years of experience with complete roof replacements and roofing repairs. We will address any issues that come up, such as fixing a leak, replacing a missing or broken tile or shingle, or a new roof replacement, while delivering quality workmanship.

Our entire team live year-round in Colorado. We are your neighbors.

Our Reputation

We are proud of the excellent reputation we’ve earned, with outstanding customer satisfaction, one roof, and one customer at a time.

We are also proud to have earned the Google Guaranteed badge. This means Metro City Roofing passed a Google screening and qualification process, including verifying our business licenses and insurance coverages, background checks, and favorable customer reviews. Ultimately, the Google Guaranteed badge gives customers the confidence they are working with a legitimate, reputable company in their area.

Please read more of our reviews on our Reviews page.

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Are you looking for the best metro Denver roofing company?

Metro City Roofing is the #1 roofing contractor recommended by local insurance agents across the Front Range.