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Hailstorms damage homes and roofs each year across the Denver metro area. Some years the extent of damage is worse than others, but homeowners can count on hail damage occurring somewhere every hail season. What follows next is homeowners contact roofing companies to inspect their roofs for damage and filing insurance claims to cover a roof replacement. That’s why it is so critical to find a reputable roofing company with proven experience working with insurance companies.

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Metro City Roofing has perfected the hail damage roof insurance claim process with a near 100% success rate to get our customers’ claims approved for complete roof replacement. Our roofing experts will manage your claim on your behalf, acting as your advocate at every step.

At Metro City Roofing, we have you covered for roofing insurance claims for storm damage in the Denver metro area and across the Front Range.

Getting Your Roof Replaced by Insurance

Having the right insurance policy coverage is essential to getting your roof replacement covered by insurance, where you pay only your insurance deductible. A basic policy will cover fire, storm, theft, and natural disasters such as hail or wind.

When you believe your roof may have sustained hail or wind damage, it is best to contact a professional roofer to assess its condition, validating whether it needs repair or replacement. A qualified roofer will know what to look for and guide you in the right direction, even when they find no storm damage and your roof is OK.

At Metro City Roofing, we start with a free roof inspection. All our roof inspectors are licensed adjusters, earning the same state-licensing credentials as the insurance company adjusters. When we inspect a roof, we view it the same way as will the insurance company. Further, we document every roof inspection with photos and video, sharing our results directly with you, so you can see exactly what we see on the roof.

When your roof has sustained substantial damage that may justify getting your roof replaced by insurance, we will recommend filing an insurance claim. When you choose Metro City Roofing, you choose a professional and experienced roofing company that has you covered.

Our goal is to simplify the insurance claim process for your hail damaged roof and manage the entire insurance claims process on your behalf.

Insurance Company Deadlines to File a Claim

It is critical to note that a homeowner’s ability to file an insurance claim will have a deadline when your roof has storm damage. Otherwise, your insurance claim for a new roof won’t be covered. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you have your roof inspected immediately following a storm.

Most insurance companies set a 1-year limit to file a claim and complete all roof repairs from the date of loss to recoup all funds owed as part of the claim. State Farm allows 2-years, a considerable benefit over others.

Your Financial Responsibility with an Insurance Claim

Knowing your deductible amount is vital since homeowners are financially responsible for their deductible. The deductible is the amount you pay towards the insurance claim.

When speaking with your insurance company or reviewing your policy coverage details, we strongly recommend checking that your policy includes code coverage (also referred to as ordinance or law coverage). Most homeowner policies include this but may not be standard for rental properties. This is critical to avoid any financial surprises where the new roof must be installed to meet local building codes.

Common code coverage items are solid decking, drip edge, ice and water barrier, and Class 4 shingles in some markets like Fort Collins. Depending on your home and roof’s age, the decking found below the roof may have gaps that no longer meet building code. When replacing your roof, someone must pay – and it is not the roofer’s responsibility to pay for code upgrades for your roof replacement through insurance coverage.

The best way to avoid surprises is to know your deductible and have code coverage on your policy.

With Metro City Roofing, you pay $0 beyond your insurance deductible. You will find no surprises working with us. Your insurance company will cover the balance for your new roof replacement. If your new roof is $18,000, $28,000, or even $80,000, you are responsible only for your deductible.

Better, we offer a free upgrade to Class 4 shingles, which provides a substantial discount on your homeowners insurance premium. Front Range customers report an average 28% discount, which amounts to an annual $863 savings.

Licensed Roofing Contractor for Insurance Claim Assistance Through the Entire Process

The professionals at Metro City Roofing are licensed roofing contractors that provide expertise with your hail damage roof insurance claim. One of our licensed adjusters will represent you during all interactions with your insurance company, meeting with your insurance company’s adjuster, and then settling your roof damage claim directly with your insurance company.

Metro City Roofing crew replacing the roof of a duplex in Denver, Colorado with five crew members working in orange vests with landscape protection kit in the front of the duplex

The Initial Insurance Company Estimate is Not the Final Estimate

It is critical to understand that the initial insurance company estimate is not the final estimate, no matter the insurance company. Some items will need to be added as a supplement for various reasons. For a roof replacement, a licensed roofing contractor will need to pull a permit with the building department – and insurance companies are responsible for paying for the permit. Thus, a quality roofer will supplement this.

Insurance adjusters may not capture everything to be included in your estimate. But many insurance companies choose not to catch everything, essentially challenging a trained professional to review the estimate in detail to validate the estimate’s accuracy. Without a supplement, the insurance company succeeds in keeping paid costs down.

Insurance companies and contractors typically use the same industry-standard estimating software, Xactimate. The insurance adjuster or assigned claim handler selects a price list for a specific month and year as part of the estimate. Many insurance companies choose to list the month from the date of loss. For example, the initial insurance estimate for a hail damaged roof following a hailstorm on May 8, 2017, would include pricing based on May 2017. Of course, not all work will likely be completed in this same month. Costs fluctuate every month, so a skilled roofing contractor will submit a supplement to request that the price list be updated to the month and year the work was completed. If the work were completed nearly a year later, in April 2018, then the price list would be updated to reflect this current pricing.

Many homeowners receive and review a detailed estimate and think, ‘wow,’ this is detailed. In some cases, it is. But remember, it’s also in the insurance company’s best financial interest to omit things. If a professional and trained roofer does not catch something missed, it will save the insurance company money over thousands of claims each year. Many homeowners also think that the insurance company’s estimate is final. Again, the insurance company frequently chooses not to share that code-required upgrades or other items are intentionally omitted.

Your Roofing Contractor is Critical to Get Your Claim Approved

Having your selected licensed roofing contractor present during the insurance meeting is critical to getting your roof approved for replacement and hearing more details about supplemental items and the claims process.

When discussing the next steps with the homeowner, your contractor may nudge the insurance company adjuster to explain that some items will need to be supplemented and that the initial estimate won’t be the final. Homeowners typically trust the insurance adjuster more than the roofing contractor, so this gentle nudge is intentional. But when the roofer is not present, the insurance company adjuster may not share these details. That’s why many homeowners believe the initial insurance estimate is final.

Last, some insurance adjusters choose to make up their own costs for specific items to save the insurance company money—the following highlights several examples.

  • Detach and reset an evaporative cooler – The insurance estimating software Xactimate includes a line item specifically for this. However, many insurance companies choose to pay a random lesser amount simply with the expectation that they can get away with paying less and saving money.
  • Accessibility – Accessibility charges are necessary when your new roofing materials cannot be loaded directly onto the roof in advance of your roof replacement by a roofing supply distributor. Thus, the roofing crew will need to carry all materials from the ground manually. And, if the roofing company cannot position a trailer or dumpster immediately next to the property, the crew will need to discard it onto the ground and then manually collect and bring it to a nearby street or alley. All this adds time and cost to a project. Insurance companies know this and are trained to identify and document accessibility issues during their inspections but frequently intentionally exclude this from their estimates with the hope of saving the insurance company money. A qualified roofer will supplement the initial estimate with the insurance company with photos of the inaccessibility. Further, some insurance companies challenge roofing contractors claiming this cost is already included in the shingles removal portion of the estimate, but it is not.

In summation, your insurance company does not always have your best interest when intentionally omitting some items and disputing others. Insurance companies are running a business and will get away with what they can. The insurance claim roof contractor must still perform all work correctly and meet local building codes. It is incumbent on them to be paid for the work performed.

At Metro City Roofing, we work with your insurance company to ensure you receive all funds owed to you to complete all roofing services correctly.

Hail damage roof insurance claim process in Colorado

The roof damage insurance claim process can be tricky to understand and navigate. Choose a reputable roofing company with the experience to correctly assess your roof’s condition following a storm and help get your roof replaced for full coverage.

Aerial photo of a house in Aurora, Colorado with a gray asphalt shingle roof in the center of the image

At Metro City Roofing, we are insurance claim experts and have you covered with your hail damage roof insurance claim process. We are proud of our premium reputation earned one customer at a time.


Getting a free roof inspection and honest assessment by a reputable roofing company

After a hailstorm or windstorm, many homeowners call their insurance company concerned that their roofs have hail damage or wind damage. Or they may notice water damage from a roof leak or suddenly see many asphalt shingle granules near the home’s downspouts. If you have any urgent issues to address, be sure to make any immediate repairs to prevent further damage.

It’s best to start with a reputable roofing company’s free, professional roof inspection. As a homeowner, you have many choices for local roofers. As licensed, experienced roofers, we recommend avoiding anyone who knocks on your door immediately following a storm. Most are untrained salespeople who do not have your best interest in consideration. When invited to inspect your roof, you can expect every door knocker to share that your roof has hail or wind damage, no matter the actual condition of your roof.

At Metro City Roofing, all our sales and project managers are licensed adjusters, earning the same licensing credentials as the insurance company representatives. We inspect roofs the same way as will your insurance company. We not only inspect your roof but also will check your gutters, downspouts, windows, screens, skylights, paint, siding, and more.

Are you looking for the best Denver roofing company?

Metro City Roofing is the #1 roofing contractor recommended by local insurance agents across the Denver metro area.

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Filing an insurance claim for your roof hail damage

After verifying your damaged roof and possible additional property damage, we recommend filing a homeowners insurance claim for roof damage. You may call your local insurance agent or a national claims line or complete your claim online.

When speaking with your insurance company, you may be asked if your roof has already been inspected. The insurance company is trying to assess whether the claim has merit. If a homeowner has a local insurance agent, the agent may recommend a specific roofing company to inspect your roof. Typically, the recommended roofer has earned the agent’s trust for previous work that explains the referral. Your agent does not want policyholders filing a claim that will knowingly be denied.


Having your insurance adjuster and roofing contractor inspect your roof together

The insurance claim adjuster is required to contact you to schedule an inspection. It is best to have the insurance claim adjuster and your roofing contractor inspect your roof together. As the insurance claim adjuster represents the insurance company, he will naturally have the insurance company’s best interests in mind.

We strongly recommend that a qualified roofing contractor, like Metro City Roofing, represent you in your best interests during this meeting.

When inspecting the roof together, both parties are more likely to be aligned about what will be covered by insurance, and you will be able to get your roofing project started more quickly. The goal is to ensure your entire roof is approved, plus all additional damaged items.


Scheduling your roof replacement with a selected roofing company

With Metro City Roofing, you will have a single point of contact throughout your project. A typical residential roof replacement will take 1-2 days from start to finish. You do not need to be home during your roof replacement. You should expect to receive your insurance paperwork within 7-10 days (although some insurance companies will provide an estimate immediately following the inspection).

We provide homeowners with a list of preparation tips in advance of their roof replacement project start, so they can make accommodations for pets, young children, and moving lawn furniture or cars.

When choosing a licensed roofing company, it will also pull a building code permit in advance of scheduling the project.


Getting paid by the insurance company

As we’ve discussed, your initial insurance estimate will often miss items such as code-required upgrades or unforeseen ones at the time of the adjustment. A trained roofing contractor will satisfactorily handle all insurance claim supplements and negotiations on your behalf.

Insurance companies make at least two payments for every storm-related insurance claim. The first check represents the Actual Cash Value (ACV), which factors your roof’s condition and age, less your deductible. Depreciation is the balance that the insurance carrier releases once you have signed a contract to do all work or demonstrate proof that the scope of work has been completed.

However, receiving more than two payouts with additional supplemental items is not uncommon. Your insurance company will pay you directly, and then you will pay your roofer once the work is complete.

Metro City Roofing does not require any payments until we deliver materials to your home.

Insurance Policy Covering Roof Repair & Replacement After Hail & Wind Damage

Some homeowners may believe that spending money on insurance coverage is a waste of money. Insurance, however, can save you a lot of money and anxiety when tragedy strikes. Carefully consider having home insurance to protect your house and belongings, allowing for claiming roof repairs on insurance. It’s best to shop across several insurance companies for your best quote to ensure you are not overpaying your home insurance.

Metro City Roofing field represenative using chalk to indicate hail damage on an asphalt shingle roof

Our goal is to simplify your hail damage roof repair insurance claim process following a hailstorm and manage the entire insurance roof replacement process on your behalf. At Metro City Roofing, we always start with a free roof inspection, represent you during all interactions with your insurance company, and settle your roof damage claim directly with your insurance company to receive all your funds.

Our company has a 99% success rate in successfully settling your hail damage roof claim when we recommend filing a claim.

We strongly encourage homeowners to file their insurance claims immediately after confirming hail or wind damage to their roofs. Most insurance policies have defined limits for homeowners to file a claim and collect all funds. And homeowners have a responsibility to complete all work timely too, or they may lose out on the balance of funds from the insurance company, called the depreciation. If you wait too long to file your claim, the insurance company cannot accept your claim, regardless of any hail or wind damage.

Best Denver Roofing Company to Maximize Your Insurance Claim

Metro City Roofing is the best roofing company to guide Denver homeowners through the storm damaged roof insurance claim process. Our experts have a 99% success rate in getting your roof approved for replacement when recommending filing a claim. Combined with our proven record of creating happy customers, our company is the #1 recommended roofing company by local insurance agents.

Metro City Roofing management team with green pine tree in the background

With Metro City Roofing, you don’t just get a quality roof installation and excellent customer service. You get an experienced Denver roofing company working with all insurance companies to successfully guide homeowners through the insurance claims process and advocate for customers at every step. We handle everything with your insurance claim, so you don’t have to. Most homeowners lack the expertise with everything required with their insurance claim. At Metro City Roofing, our skilled team has the experience and your best interests in mind and delivers successful results.

Our company is incredibly proud of our leading reputation for quality roofing in the Denver metro area. Metro City Roofing is an award-winning roofing contractor rated within the top 1% of contractors in Colorado. We have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Customers have shared their excellent experiences on social platforms, amassing more than 100 reviews on Google, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau, and more.

Metro City Roofing has worked hard to earn metro Denver homeowners’ trust, one customer and one roofing project at a time. And we are actively involved in the local community, donating $100 to the Food Bank of the Rockies with every roof replacement. We also sponsor multiple local schools and organizations across the Front Range.

Choose Metro City Roofing when you want the best Denver roofing company for your next roofing project.


Key Customer Benefits to You

Metro City Roofing is the #1 roofing contractor recommended by local insurance agents across the Denver metro area.


99% success rate insurance claim approval when we recommend you file an insurance claim after your free inspection


$0 additional cost beyond your insurance deductible with no hidden surprises throughout your entire roof replacement process


28% average savings on homeowners insurance premiums with your free upgraded impact resistant shingles

Answers to Common Questions Asked by Our Customers

When is the Best Time to File an Insurance Claim for Hail Damage?

The best time to file an insurance claim following storm damage to your roof is once you have confirmed damages. We recommend contacting a professional roofer immediately following a hailstorm or windstorm to check for damage.

Most insurance companies establish limits on the ability to file a claim following a storm, with most at 1-year filing limit. Don’t wait too long, or your insurance company will have no choice but to deny your claim.

What Information Should I Collect Before Making a Roof Insurance Claim?

Before filing an insurance claim for roof damage, we recommend validating whether you have storm damage. Contact a reputable roofing company that is skilled and qualified to complete a professional roof inspection. Avoid filing too many claims, or your insurance company may drop you.

Homeowners should clearly understand that they will have some financial responsibility with an approved insurance claim. The amount homeowners must pay towards the insurance claim is called a deductible. Homeowners should also validate any coverage limits based on the type of insurance policy, such as ordinance or law code coverage.

Do I Have to File a Claim Before Repairing My Roof?

We recommend making all critical temporary repairs immediately to avoid further damage to your home. But there is a limit to the extent of repairs you can make that allows your insurance company to accept and approve a claim.

The assigned insurance company adjuster will need to document evidence of storm damage to your roof to approve your claim. Do enough to avoid further damage but not too much to give your insurance company a reason to deny your claim.

What Happens If I Wait to File a Claim?

Your ability to file an insurance claim will have a deadline. If you intend to file a claim, we recommend doing it as timely as possible. Depending on the work scope, you will also likely have a time limit to complete any roof repairs or roof replacement and recoup all funds owed to you as part of the claim.

Most insurance companies limit your ability to file a claim to one year from a storm date; State Farm allows up to two years.

How Long Will It Take to Settle My Claim?

Once a homeowner files an insurance claim, an insurance company adjuster will typically contact the homeowner within several days to schedule their own inspection. Depending on the insurance company adjuster’s schedule, the actual inspection may take several days to several weeks.

Once the inspection is completed, the initial approved estimate should be in the homeowner’s hands within a week.

The initial insurance estimate is not the final – and a qualified roofer will carefully review the estimate and identify supplemental items to submit. The final, settled insurance may not be completed for several weeks after the work has been completed, with all supplement documentation such as photos, code requirements, and a copy of the permit have been submitted.

How Do I Ensure My Insurance Company Pays Out My Claim?

Your insurance company has a legal responsibility to pay out for your claim with an approved claim. However, insurance companies typically make at least two payments for every hail or wind damage claim.

Your first check represents the Actual Cash Value (ACV), which factors your roof’s condition and age, less your deductible. You will receive this first check timely with your initial estimate. However, a second check that covers the balance of funds owed is typically only paid with evidence of the completed scope of work or a signed contract demonstrating proof that you intend to complete the work.

Without either of these, your insurance company will not pay the balance. Further, if you do not complete all work by the insurance company’s deadline, you will no longer be eligible to recoup these funds.

What Cases Could My Insurance Claim Be Denied?

Your insurance claim can be denied for many reasons, like if there is no apparent damage from a recent storm or if the damage is old. Insurance companies and Metro City Roofing are licensed and trained professionals able to differentiate between recent hail damage and older damage.

Insurance companies have established clear deadlines where policyholders can file claims and receive funds to cover losses. Most insurance companies allow one year from a date of loss to file a claim and complete all work. As an exception, State Farm policyholders have two years to file and complete all work to recoup all funds.

Do I Have to Pay Metro City Roofing for Claim Assistance?

Metro City Roofing does not charge for your roof inspection or insurance claims assistance. We are a team of expert roofers with the necessary experience to guide homeowners through the insurance claims process, get your roof approved for total replacement, and complete your roofing services. There is no charge for insurance claim assistance when you choose to work with us.

What Are Class 4 shingles?

The Institute of Business and Home Safety (IBHS) and the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) developed the UL 2218 classification to establish a national standard for roof impact resistance. Asphalt roofing shingles have ratings from Class 1 through 4 based on their resistance to a steel ball simulation test. A Class 4 roof shingle rating is the toughest.

Asphalt roofing shingles classified as impact resistant have a Class 4 rating designed to withstand high winds and hail damage. The shingle rating is not visible by merely looking at the asphalt shingles, although the impact rating is typically marked on the cellophane on the underside of the shingle.

Homeowners can expect a 28% discount ($863 annual average savings) on their homeowners insurance policy with a Class 4 impact resistant roof.

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