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Avoid a “Chuck in a Truck” Roofer

Critical Things to Look for When Hiring a Professional Roofer

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Following a large hailstorm, Colorado becomes a target for fly-by-night roofers (often called “Chuck in a Truck”). The good news is these salespeople are easy to identify as they knock door-to-door, offer quick repairs at inexpensive rates, typically lack a professional online presence, and have no proof of insurance, licensing, or bonding.

Don’t be fooled by a door-to-door scam. Call Metro City Roofing first if you experience storm damage in Colorado for your new roof replacement or roof restoration needs.

The Definition of “Chuck in a Truck”

When you are ready to spend your hard-earned money for home improvement, whether it’s a home remodel, home maintenance, roof repair, or a new roof replacement, it’s essential to find the right company to complete it. There’s a common phrase in the roofing industry called “Chuck in a Truck,” and the many homeowner nightmares that result from hiring him.

Here are 13 warning signs that your roofing contractor may turn out to be a “Chuck in a Truck”:

  1. Arrives late for a scheduled appointment without any advance call
  2. Company has no permanent physical office location or at least one in Colorado. By office, we mean a real place you can visit – not an address at a coworking space or virtual office.
  3. Lacks General Liability insurance
  4. Lacks Worker’s Compensation insurance and advises company is exempt
  5. Contract has little or no detail
  6. Asks for a substantial down payment once you sign a contract before beginning any work or ordering materials
  7. Tells you a permit is not required
  8. Does not provide a construction schedule
  9. No history when you research the company online
  10. The roofing company has no website
  11. You cannot find his contractor license on your local county’s website
  12. Unwilling to provide references or photos of past work
  13. Has an out of state license plate, and you get the sense he’s a storm chaser

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Benjamin Franklin

Selecting the Right Roofer

The following lists numerous options to protect yourself against a fraudulent roofing contractor.

  • Search for an established, licensed, and insured local contractor with a federal tax identification number and a permanent address. The roofing contractor’s office address should be one you could visit, not a month-to-month coworking space.
  • Ask your contractor for its license number and confirm the accuracy and current standing with your city or county building department. Any reputable roofing company would be proud to share this information with you.
  • Validate the roofing contractor is legally registered to conduct business in Colorado at https://www.sos.state.co.us/biz/BusinessEntityCriteriaExt.do
  • Beware of any roofing contractor who knocks on your door following a storm. Many legitimate roofing contractors do not conduct business this way.
  • Research the roofing contractor with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints filed against the company you are considering hiring – http://www.bbb.org/denver
  • Request references (and check them) from previous customers. A quality roofing professional will be proud to provide references.
  • Research the roofing company’s online reviews and testimonials. While many companies lean towards Google as the default for online reviews, you can check with the Better Business Bureau, HomeAdvisor, and more.
  • Ask your roofing contractor to review with you any documents to be sent to your insurance company
  • Validate your roofing contractor completes all work before making payment in full
  • Avoid pressure to sign a contract immediately, and ask your roofing contractor to review it in detail with you
  • Make sure the contract includes the scope of work and roofing products to be used, including manufacturer, approximate dates of service, and a statement that allows the property owner to cancel the contract if the insurance claim is denied in whole or in part within 72 hours.

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Jonathan Abramson

Jonathan Abramson

Colorado Roofing Expert, Founder of Metro City Roofing

Jonathan loves the roofing industry as his company helps individual customers to navigate the insurance claim process and get them the new roof they need after a hailstorm. He has earned numerous roofing certifications and licenses, including the distinguished All Lines Adjuster License.

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