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The ‘Best Roofing Company Near Me’

In Colorado, the best roofing company is Metro City Roofing.

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Many Colorado homeowners and property managers become concerned that they may have hail damage on their roof following a hailstorm or throughout the year. Online searches on Google and other search engines for roofing companies increase with popular keywords and phrases such as “best roofer,” “best roofing contractor in Denver,” and “best roofing company near me.”

Are you looking for the best Denver roofing company?

Metro City Roofing is the #1 roofing contractor recommended by local insurance agents across the Denver metro area.

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Hail Season in Colorado

Hail season in Colorado extends from April 15 through September 15. Following the first hailstorm across the Front Range, many roofing companies will be inundated with calls, dictating longer lead-times for roof inspections and roof repair or roof replacements.

9 Essential Tips to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

The biggest obstacle Colorado homeowners and property managers face for their residential roofing needs is choosing the right professional roofing company. After a damaging hailstorm, owners need a professional roof inspection and to have any roofing work completed as quickly as possible. But the urgency for roofing needs doesn’t mean choosing the first roofing contractor who knocks on your door or with a quick online Google search.

Finding a roofing contractor who is trustworthy, honest, and professional may sound hard, but if you follow the guidelines below, you’ll find it’s easier than you think, and you can rest easy knowing that your home is in good hands.

The following are essential tips we share with homeowners and property managers:

  1. Get local referrals – You minimize the risk of potential issues or scams when you choose a local roofing company from your community. Local roofers are more familiar with local rules and code requirements and have relationships with local roofing crews and suppliers.
  2. Read customer reviews on Google – Google is the top online search platform. For businesses, many previous customers leave reviews about their experience, positive or negative.
  3. Research Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings – Some roofing companies chase storms all over the country following a storm looking for work. Like searching for the “best roofing company near me,” it’s important to search for a roofing contractor listed with the Better Business Bureau, and with a good rating and positive reviews. We recommend avoiding roofing contractors not listed on BBB.org.
  4. Check for proper licensing and insurance – A professional roofer should have General Liability insurance and Workers Compensation insurance. You should feel comfortable asking for a copy of their insurance certificate for validation. A roofing company that does not carry sufficient insurance coverage could potentially lead to costly litigation between a contractor and homeowner if a roofer sustains an injury at your home or business; this includes even the free roof inspection by a salesperson. Nearly all Colorado cities and counties require licensing for roofing contractors, but that does not limit unlicensed roofing contractors attempting to seek roofing work opportunities.
  5. Look for a manufacturer and other industry-standard designations – Roofing companies often display manufacturer designations, as the company will likely have to pass specific requirements to become factory certified.
  6. Pay your insurance deductible – Any roofing contractor who offers to complete a roof replacement (removing your old roof and installing a new roof) and waive your insurance claim deductible is committing insurance fraud. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to pay the insurance deductible on your insurance claim. It is also essential that the roofing company does not inflate the estimate to offset covering your deductible.
  7. Get an extended warranty – Not all roofing companies can offer manufacturer warranties that include coverage of the roofing company’s workmanship. If your roofing contractor fails to install the roof correctly, any damage may take months or years to become evident—and insurance won’t pay for it. If the contractor won’t agree to correct the issue or is no longer in business, you are left to pay for their mistake yourself. Industry-leading manufacturers like Owens Corning and GAF offer extended warranties.
  8. Maximize your insurance claim value – Some roofing contractors will say they can work with whatever amount your insurance company pays. While this may be true, it’s critical that your insurance claim is settled correctly, and you receive all funds owed to you from the insurance claim. This includes any supplemental items the initial estimate missed, your recoverable depreciation, and all local code requirements when we say all funds owed. If your roofing company settles for less, they will undoubtedly cut corners to achieve some profit margin on your project.
  9. Know your material choices – A roofing contractor who offers only to replace the exact roofing material type as your existing roofing system may not be looking out for your best interest. Depending on the type of roof, you have choices in a new roof. Steep slope roofing material options include asphalt shingles, tile roofing, metal roofing, and wood roofing. Low slope options include modified bitumen, TPO, EPDM, spray foam, and more. If the insurance company has agreed to pay for a new roof, you may want to consider an upgraded roof material or color change. We see color change regularly when a homeowner intends to repaint their home in a different color. We are happy to discuss roofing material options and colors with you.

We manage every detail of your roof replacement for you and treat your home like our own.


Key Customer Benefits to You

Metro City Roofing is the #1 roofing contractor recommended by local insurance agents across the Denver metro area.


99% success rate insurance claim approval when we recommend you file an insurance claim after your free inspection


$0 additional cost beyond your insurance deductible with no hidden surprises throughout your entire roof replacement process


28% average savings on homeowners insurance premiums with your free upgraded impact resistant shingles

Why Choose Metro City Roofing?

Metro City Roofing is a Colorado roofing company, headquartered in Denver, CO. We specialize in hassle-free professional roofing and will treat your home like our own.

We deliver the best professional roofing services across the Denver metro area. We are proud of the excellent reputation we've earned, with outstanding customer satisfaction, one roof, and one customer at a time.

Jonathan Abramson

Jonathan Abramson

Colorado Roofing Expert, Founder of Metro City Roofing

Jonathan loves the roofing industry as his company helps individual customers to navigate the insurance claim process and get them the new roof they need after a hailstorm. He has earned numerous roofing certifications and licenses, including the distinguished All Lines Adjuster License.

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