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Best commercial roof coating company in Denver

A commercial roof coating adds a protective layer to an existing roof, extending its life for a fraction of the cost of a new roof replacement. Roof coatings are more than roof repairs and have grown increasingly popular with business and property owners and homeowners with flat roofs.

Metro City Roofing is a leading residential and commercial roof coating company serving metro Denver and the Colorado Front Range.

Metro City Roofing crew in a blue shirt applying a silicone coating to a black TPO roof in Denver, COMetro City Roofing crew in a blue shirt applying a silicone coating to a black TPO roof in Denver, CO


Key Customer Benefits to You

When you are looking for the best commercial roof coating company in the Denver metro area, look no further than Metro City Roofing.

We are proud to have earned Warranty Eligible Contractor status with industry-leading flat roof coating manufacturers, which allows us to offer up to 20-year warranties.


500+ completed roof inspections, documented with photos and videos


20+ years of professional experience, ensuring we have senior and knowledgeable staff to best serve our customers


100% of roofing projects are within Colorado. We do not chase storms around the country and set-up temporary operations.


Flat Roof Coating Services to Protect Your Commercial Property

A roof coating applies a liquid sealant or coating atop an existing roof membrane. The roof coating application is either rolled or sprayed on the entire existing roof surface. As the liquid is applied, it spreads and binds together to create a seamless roof coating.

The experts at Metro City Roofing offer complete roof coating services, starting with a FREE ROOF INSPECTION. We provide detailed documentation with photos and video, including a thermal camera to identify if your commercial roof would qualify for a roof coating.

This flat roof coating service extends the life of the existing roof, and with a reflective type coating, it becomes an energy saver. This coating creates an environmentally friendly structure that reduces the carbon footprint. This flat roof coating technique has grown in popularity because it contracts and expands with the weather changes and doesn’t leave the roof unprotected.

Coatings are appealing for many business owners, property managers, and homeowners with flat roofs for several reasons, including:

  • Seals and prevents future roof leaks
  • Extends your roof’s life with a long-term warranty of 10-20 years
  • More cost-effective than completely tearing off and replacing your existing roof
  • No city or county permit is required since a roof coating is considered maintenance and does not count as another layer of roofing materials
  • Offers added protection against hail and storm damage
  • Avoids costly upgrades to the most recent code requirements
  • Reduces energy costs since most roof coatings have reflective properties and reflect ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Installation is quick, often completed within several days for smaller buildings
  • Minimal to no disruption to normal business activities

The best time to install a roof coating is before your roof begins to display issues such as minor leaks, seams that lift or are already loose, or flashings such as pipe jacks that have cracks or noticeable tears of holes that invite water inside the building. If any of these have already occurred, a roofing contractor will need to complete commercial flat roof repairs before beginning a coating project.

Tan silicone coating on a modern Denver, CO home

Silicone roof coating application Protects your roof and extends its life

Best-In-Class Training and Certifications

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The Process of Installing Roof Coating Over Flat Roof

The roof coating application consists of three main installation steps: surface preparation, including repairing and sealing all seams, applying a primer coat, and the actual coating application.

Free flat roof inspection

Critical insight before your free flat roof inspection

Once you contact us to schedule a flat roof inspection, we will have several questions, including:

  1. Does your building have any active roof leaks?
  2. When was your commercial roof last inspected or repaired?
  3. What is your roof’s age?
  4. What type of roof material is currently installed?
  5. What is the approximate size of the roof in square feet?
  6. How many stories is the building?

Once we capture this essential information, we will schedule a free roof inspection.

Thorough inspection and documentation

The professionals at Metro City Roofing will complete a thorough flat roof inspection, carefully looking for any standing or ponding water, inspecting all seams and flashings for water penetration points. We document everything with photos and video, including a thermal infrared camera to detect moisture that has already entered underneath the roof’s top layer.

Following our inspection, we will share our inspection results to discuss recommended actions. If we recommend a flat roof coating, we will need to bring out a manufacturer’s rep to complete an inspection to confirm that your roof will qualify for a warranty with the finished roof coating. Suppose there is extensive water saturation that damages the roof’s substrate and insulation. In that case, the roof will unlikely qualify for a coating, as the roof coating will not adhere and perform properly. At times, we may require a commercial repair to the existing roofing material before beginning the roof coating. Any affected, damaged section will need to be removed and replaced using the same matching materials when this occurs.

Metro City Roofing is the only call you need to make for Colorado homeowners in need of a high-quality roofing contractor.


Commercial Roof Coating Materials for Low Slope & Flat Roof Systems

There are two different commercial roof coating products – acrylic and silicone. Both materials provide numerous money and energy-saving benefits and can add years of serviceable life to aging commercial roof membranes.

While silicone coatings are superior to acrylics in a lot of ways, it doesn’t mean they are the most appropriate solution for every roof coating project. Choosing the best roof coating depends on a number of critical factors.

An acrylic coating is a less expensive, water-based option. It works excellent for specific locations like Arizona, where there is little rain and snow. An acrylic coating cannot typically be installed in Colorado during the winter months since it cannot freeze for 48 hours. An acrylic coating is an excellent option for metal barns.

When you want higher-quality, a silicone coating is better but more expensive and works best with TPO, EPDM, PVC, and modified bitumen.

Metro City Roofing installer completing roof coating detail work in Denver, CO

Roof coating detailed work Carefully sealing all roof edges and seams

Acrylic Roof Coatings

Elastomeric coatings have proven very effective in solving roof leaks and extend the life of low slope and flat roofs. An acrylic roof coating is an elastomeric water-based roof system applied over various roofing materials like asphalt built-up roofs, modified bitumen, metal, EPDM, TPO, and PVC.

Acrylics offer exceptional exterior durability and UV stability and are an excellent choice for more budget-conscious building owners, property managers, and homeowners with low slope and flat roofing systems. Acrylics work best when a roof has no ponding water, over a metal roof with minimal rust, or when installation temperatures are above freezing.

At Metro City Roofing, our effective roof coating solutions achieve waterproofing protection to stop leaks and extend your roof’s life. An acrylic elastomeric roof coating is one such product. Acrylic coatings provide a practical solution for roof protection and restoration applications, delivering multiple valuable benefits, including ease of application, reflectivity, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

We look forward to discussing the best flat roof coating option for your property and budget.

Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone is gaining notoriety as the flat roof coating go-to material. A silicone roof coating offers numerous benefits including, leak-free protection, enhanced sustainability with UV protection, and improved design aesthetic. A silicone roof coating could be the best way to extend the life of your commercial roof for decades, with additional recoating applied as necessary.

Silicone is durable and flexible, offering superior protection from nature’s elements in wind, hail, and rain. It also provides UV stability, providing maximum long-term performance against weather and atmospheric conditions. UV stability is critical in Colorado, where the UV exposure to roof systems is extreme. Choosing a brighter color for your silicone coating will also help to reflect the sun’s rays.

A silicone flat roof coating can be applied over new spray-applied polyurethane (SPF) foam, EPDM, TPO, aged PVC, aged acrylic coatings, concrete, asphalt built-up roofs, granulated modified bitumen, and metal roofs.

Silicone coatings are the best material choice when a roof has ponding water, or a complex roof provides installation issues for a conventional membrane roof.

Look no further than Metro City Roofing for the best silicone roof coating in metro Denver and across the Front Range.


Roofing Materials You Can Apply a Roof Coating

A roof coating is an available option for most roofing materials, provided the roof is free from water penetration. The following are types of roofing materials where a coating can be applied:

TPO roof coating

Popular, Reflective, and Energy-efficient

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is a prevalent material used in commercial roofing. TPO is highly reflective and energy-efficient, and typically white. The cost-effective white roof reflects up to 78 percent of the sun’s rays, reducing cooling costs.

TPO membranes, however, have low surface energy, making adhesion difficult. Adhering a roof coating to TPO membranes requires either sanding, scuffing, priming the surface.

EPDM rubber roof coating

Very Durable And Low Maintenance

Known for low maintenance and its ability to withstand all types of weather, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is optimal in many geographies. In northern climates, a black EPDM membrane harnesses solar energy, equating to reduced heating costs in the winter.

An EPDM membrane is very durable with excellent weathering properties but poor chemical resistance to solvents. Many solvents make an EPDM membrane swell and deteriorate.

Commercial roofing manufacturers recommend either an acrylic or silicone coating to extend the life of an EPDM roof.

PVC roof membrane coating

The Original White Commercial Roof

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is the original white roof with more than 30 years of proven track record. PVC in its natural state is rigid. Adding plasticizers make PVC flexible for use as a roofing membrane but challenging to coat.

As PVC ages and plasticizers migrate out of the membrane, it becomes a candidate for a roof coating.

Metal roof coating

Preventing Corrosion and Rusting

A metal roof is a wise investment to increase a property’s value, longevity, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Metal roof panels must be structurally sound to provide a safe work environment and a suitable surface for a coating application. Acrylics and silicones require treating any rust before coating.

Modified bitumen roof coating

Popular On Residential Flat Roofs

Modified bitumen roofs are popular for residential flat roofs, especially when matching the flat roof section with the pitched roof portion that has asphalt shingles.

You can coat a modified bitumen roof, but asphalt roofs contain oils. A modified bitumen roof should age a minimum of 90 days before applying a coating to allow the oils to leave the membrane. Still, aged asphalt and modified bitumen have enough retained oil to cause staining.

Any coating applied over asphalt or modified bitumen should have a stain blocker applied. This will prevent color staining.

Metro City Roofing is proud to be a Warranty Eligible Contractor for commercial roof coatings, offering up to 20-year warranties.


Leading Roof Coating Manufacturers

Metro City Roofing is proud to install roof coating products from the best manufacturers in the roofing industry. We are a Warranty Eligible Contractor with Gaco and Mule-Hide, offering our customers various roofing systems and repair solutions. Expert manufacturer representatives inspect all our roof coating projects to ensure quality installation before a warranty is issued.

Metro City Roofing installer repairing an EPDM flat roof with Gaco silicone sealant.
Metro City Roofing installer repairing an EPDM flat roof with Gaco silicone sealant.


Gaco Roof Coating to Extend The Life Of Your Roofing System

Gaco is a market leader in commercial waterproofing. Inferior roof coating waterproofing materials will peel, bubble, and expose your roof to future water damage. With Gaco’s silicone roof coating materials, these risks are significantly reduced. Gaco products are known for their excellent adhesive properties, which allow the silicone coating material to bind with the existing roofing material.

A silicone coating can be applied to almost any flat roof surface, except architectural shingles or 3-tab asphalt roofs, providing versatility for contractors and building owners. Gaco roof coatings installed by a certified contractor are available with up to a 20-year warranty.

Consult one of our licensed, experienced roofing professionals at Metro City Roofing to answer any questions you may have for your commercial flat roof.

Metro City Roofing installer repairing an EPDM flat roof with Mule-Hide silicone sealant.
Metro City Roofing installer repairing an EPDM flat roof with Mule-Hide silicone sealant.


Mule-Hide Roof Coating Solutions

Mule-Hide products provide professional roofing contractors with all the essential products to install, complete, or repair commercial roofing projects, with more than 3,000 active SKU’s. Beyond commercial roof membranes, Mule-Hide is a leading manufacturer of acrylic and silicone coatings, sealants, and adhesives.

A significant benefit with Mule-Hide coating products is the ability to color-match more paint color options than other manufacturers. While popular colors are white and various shades of tan and gray, Mule-Hide offers a wider standard color option, plus will match any color requested. As a homeowner, we can install a roof coating that best suits your needs.

Not every roof needs a complete coating. Sometimes, a repair at a seam or tear will suffice. Mule-Hide Seal-Fast Repair Hero is a solvent-based, fiber-reinforced terpolymer sealant intended to repair and maintain nearly all types of roofing material in all weather conditions. Repair Hero can be applied to wet or dry surfaces and even installed underwater.

Don't hesitate to contact Metro City Roofing to learn more about which coating product is best for your Denver property.

Metro City Roofing is your one-stop-shop for a complete and professional roofing solution.

Silicone flat roof coating by Metro City Roofing in Denver, CO

Elastomeric roof coating Extends the life of your roof


Flat Roof Coating For Multi-Unit Apartment Buildings

Coatings are not limited to only commercial roofs. Modern houses and multi-unit apartments with flat roofs are great candidates for a roof coating.

The Denver metro area has many multi-story apartment buildings with flat roofing. Flat roofs are not actually flat but have a low slope, where the roof is pitched at an angle towards a drainage system.

Metro City Roofing is the best roofing contractor in metro Denver, with extensive experience in multi-unit apartment roofing services. We specialize in flat roof coatings and many other types of roofing materials. We are Warranty Eligible contractors with manufacturers including Gaco and Mule-Hide and look forward to discussing your project.

Don’t trust your multi-unit apartment roof coating to just any roofer. Trust the licensed professionals at Metro City Roofing.

At Metro City Roofing, we specialize in hassle-free professional roofing and treat your home like our own.


Choose The Flat Roof Coating as Cost-Effective Alternative to Roof Replacement

A roof coating is an excellent alternative to a roof replacement, provided there is no water underneath the roof substrate. The primary benefit of a flat roof coating is to extend the life of an existing roofing system. It is also substantially less expensive than a roof replacement.

Roofing contractors do more than repair leaks and complete roof replacements. It may make sense to prolong a roof’s life with a quality roof coating for your commercial flat roof.

Roof coatings have progressed from a maintenance decision to a long-term investment with No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranties up to 20 years.

Contact the professionals at Metro City Roofing for your FREE ROOF INSPECTION to learn the condition of your commercial roof and if a roof coating is right for you.

Metro City Roofing tan roof coating detail work at roof edges and seams

Silicone roof coating application Detailed work to ensure all seams and edges are coated

How Much Does It Cost To Coat A Flat Roof?

On average, a roof coating will cost approximately $5-$8 per square foot (SF) of roof surface. Thus, a 3,000 SF roof will cost between $15,000-$24,000.

The actual flat roof coating cost will depend on several variables, including the size of the roof, type of roofing material the coating will be applied to, roof coating material to be used, the desired or necessary thickness of the coating, and overall accessibility to the building for the roofing contractor.

With Metro City Roofing, our process starts with a FREE ROOF INSPECTION. We also respect your time and schedule actual appointment times, unlike other roofing companies that schedule several-hour windows and make you stay home waiting for them. Call us today.

Roof coating cost

Roof Coating Warranties

Metro City Roofing is proud to be a Warranty Eligible Contractor for several roof coating manufacturers. Manufacturer representatives carefully inspect each of our projects, check for quality installation, and confirm our installation warranty covers everything for the first two years.

Becoming a Warranty Eligible Contractor means we can offer our customers a No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty. This warranty is available for commercial properties only, with complete material and labor coverage for 10, 15, or 20 years. For residential properties, we offer an extended Manufacturer warranty.

We offer extended warranties on a per square foot (SF) basis with a $500 minimum. The price is $0.10 per SF, with a $500 minimum. The $500 minimum covers a building with up to a 5,000 SF roof.

A key benefit to a roof coating versus a roof replacement is that we can recoat again after ten years (or longer). With Colorado’s extreme weather, we offer our customers annual inspections and regular maintenance.

Contact Metro City Roofing to learn more about our comprehensive roof coating and repair solutions for your Colorado property.


Answers to Common Questions Asked by Our Customers

A roof replacement includes tearing off all layers of a roofing system and installing a completely new roof. A roof coating adds a protective layer of acrylic or silicone to protect against water and weather applied to an existing roof. A coating is applied by brush, roller, or spray and can extend the life of a roof up to 20 years. Due to the material used and weight, an additional coating may be applied in the future, further extending the roof’s life and avoiding any structural damage.

A roof coating is more cost-effective than a complete roof replacement. The reason is that a roof coating is an application on top of the existing roof. A roof replacement includes tearing off the existing roof down to the roof deck and installing a new roof. All roof replacements must be permitted and meet current code requirements at the time of installation. For commercial properties, this includes insulation under the roof membrane, which can be very expensive.

Tan silicone coating on a modern Denver, CO home


Contact Commercial Roof Coating Contractors in Colorado

Metro City Roofing is the best roofing company in metro Denver and across the Colorado Front Range. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and top-quality installation.

Our professional staff is focused on best-in-class training and certifications. We are licensed adjusters, which means we inspect your roof and property the same as your insurance company. We have earned numerous credentials, including being in the top 1% of all contractors in Colorado, according to BuildZoom, and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

At Metro City Roofing, we are metro Denver’s best commercial roof coating contractors. Our team of roof coating professionals will know what you need to repair and extend the life of your Denver commercial roof.

Specific to roof coatings, Metro City Roofing is a Warranty Eligible Contractor, which means we can offer our customers a No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty. This warranty is available for commercial properties only, with complete material and labor coverage for 10, 15, or 20 years. For residential properties, we offer an extended Manufacturer warranty.

Contact the roof coating experts at Metro City Roofing to schedule your free roof inspection.

Metro City Roofing management team with green pine tree in the background

20+ years professional experience Senior and knowledgeable staff to best serve our customers

Tan flat roof coating application to a modern home in Denver, CO by Metro City Roofing

Roof coating application process Rolling roof coating materials onto the roof

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We schedule specific appointment times and don’t expect you to wait at home for us during long appointment windows.

Our Suppliers

As a top roofing company in Colorado, we install only high-end asphalt shingle roofing brands, such as Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and GAF. We frequently recommend Owens Corning since they manufacture locally in Denver, CO.

We proudly install Owens Corning roofing materials for a new shingle roof, including shingles, ridge vent, underlayment, starter, and more. Owens Corning is a United States Fortune 500 company. Metro City Roofing is a Preferred Contractor and has earned numerous Owens Corning certifications, including Total Protection Roofing System and Top of the House certification. We have been specially trained on how roofing, ventilation, and attic insulation work together to improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

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