You Are Responsible for Your Insurance Deductible

April 20, 2020

On June 6, 2012 the state of Colorado and Governor Hickenlooper adopter Colorado Senate Bill 38 (SB 38). It states that a roof deductible paid by a contractor results in insurance fraud.

As a homeowner, it might make sense to allow your contractor to cover your roof deductible. Financially, it seems as though it would benefit a property owner to work with a Denver roofing company that is willing to absorb the deductible within the stated insurance price. According to senate bill 38, that is now illegal and is viewed as insurance fraud.

The following are some of the key points that will impact you as a property owner concerning the roof deductible according to this enforceable law. Senate Bill 38 makes any of these offenses punishable by law.

• Senate Bill 38 prohibits a Colorado roofing company from paying a deductible
• Senate Bill 38 prohibits a roofing contractor from waiving a deductible
• Senate Bill 38 prohibits a roofing contractor from contributing any monies or actions toward the deductible
• Senate Bill 38 will not allow a contractor to provide a sign credit for installing a yard sign
• Senate Bill 38 makes it illegal for a roofer to give a rebate while working on an insurance claim
• Senate Bill 38 makes it illegal for a Colorado roofing company to give merchandise construed to be payment or toward a deductible
• Senate Bill 38 doesn’t allow a roofer to give a gift certificate related to a roof claim toward the roof deductible
• Senate Bill 38 has deemed that a roofer’s coupon that’s provided in conjunction with a roof claim will be construed as insurance fraud

The information provided is not meant as a scare tactic. The points listed are for your benefit and not for your harm.

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