Please note the following tips if you believe your roof gets damaged by hail.

  • Record the date of the hailstorm
  • Contact a reputable local roofing contractor to complete a roof inspection before you file a claim with your insurance company
  • Be wary of any roofing company or individual who knocks on your door immediately following a hailstorm. While some individuals may be reputable, we strongly recommend contacting a reputable local roofing company – not a storm-chaser. And never hand over any money on the spot.
  • If your roofing contractor discovers hail damage, it is vital to file a claim with your insurance company immediately. Some insurance companies have strict time limits when you can file a claim.
  • Your insurance company will perform its independent inspection. We recommend you have your selected roofing contractor available when the insurance adjuster comes to assess the roof. It is essential to follow your insurance company’s guidelines regarding the claim.
  • Do not attempt to fix or repair your roof on your own.

Contact the hail damage and roof replacement experts at Metro City Roofing to schedule your free roof inspection.