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Metro City Roofing is Loveland’s premier roofing contractor.

When you need a professional roof inspection, repair, or replacement, Metro City Roofing is the first and only call you should make.

Our team of professionals earns the same licensing credentials as insurance adjusters, which means we complete every inspection with the same lens as does an insurance adjuster. We also represent you throughout the entire insurance claims process. Top insurance companies in Colorado recommend Metro City Roofing.

Beyond our sales and project management team, our experienced installation crews are committed to delivering outstanding quality and professionalism.

At Metro City Roofing, we live in the same Colorado community where you live and only do business in Colorado. We do not travel the country temporarily in search of the next hailstorm. We take pride in using only the most reputable brands and highest quality materials.

Metro City Roofing is a proud member of the National Roofing Contractors Association, the Colorado Roofing Association, the Better Business Bureau, and many local Colorado Chambers of Commerce.

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Why Metro City Roofing

We provide the best professional roofing services in Larimer County, Fort Collins, Denver, and across the Front Range.

We continually strive to differentiate from our competitors in the following ways:

  • Licensed inspectors who inspect your roof and property with the lens of an insurance adjuster; all commercial roof inspections include an evaluation with an infrared camera
  • Professional insurance claims experts who settle your hail damage or wind damage claim successfully
  • Expert sales representatives who help customers select the best roof for their home or business
  • Quality project managers who provide expert supervision on every roofing project
  • Experienced roof installers with many years of experience who pursue excellence with each roof replacement, restoration, or roof repair
  • Long-term warranties that cover roof material and quality and are backed by manufacturers

Community Development Department

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Fort Collins, CO 80521

Roofing codes

Larimer County has adopted the 2018 International Building Code and International Residential Codes.

Key code items

  • A Roofing Certification form must be filled out by the owner or contractor doing the work (required county-wide). It must state that an ice barrier was installed per the building code, what class of roof covering was used, and that the manufacturer’s installation requirements were met for the site design wind speed.
  • Ice barrier is required county-wide.*
    • *Metal panel roofs, membrane roof coverings and detached accessory structures that contain no heated floor area do not require an ice barrier. Existing asphalt shingles with no ice barrier may receive a second layer of roof covering without adding an ice barrier.
  • Most roof coverings must be installed on solid sheathing, defined as having maximum 1/8” gaps.
  • Much of Larimer County is a High-Wind Area. Roof coverings must be rated for the site wind speed and attached per the manufacturer.


  • The yellow building permit card must be posted on the job site. The address number must be posted at the County Road or street.
  • Before requesting an inspection, items to be completed are listed:
    • Called after roofing completed and need to leave proof of Class A or B label in the foothills or mountains and Class A, B, or C along the front range.
    • Certification letter from roofing contractor that roof fasteners installed per manufacturer’s requirement for appropriate wind speeds of Larimer County and roof ice barrier was used in the high wind area.

Fun facts

  • Larimer County is one of the 64 counties in the state of Colorado with a population greater than 300,000.
  • Larimer County is comprised of the city of Fort Collins and Loveland, and towns including Berthoud, Estes Park, Johnstown, Windsor, and more.
  • The county seat and most populous city is Fort Collins.
  • The county was named for William Larimer, Jr., the founder of Denver.
  • Unlike that of much of Colorado, which was founded on the mining of gold and silver, the settlement of Larimer County was based almost entirely on agriculture, an industry that few thought possible in the region during the initial days of the Colorado Gold Rush. The mining boom almost entirely passed the county by. It would take the introduction of irrigation to the region in the 1860s to bring the first widespread settlement to the area.

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