It’s a Great Time for Spring Cleaning

March 29, 2020

Colorado is now under a statewide stay-at-home order due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Regardless of whether you have children, you are likely watching a lot of television, playing board or video games, or taking walks all while trying to get used to what is hopefully a short-term new reality.

It’s also a great time for spring cleaning. For many, there are few spring rituals more satisfying than the annual deep clean.

Spring cleaning can extend to rooms and areas we intentionally avoid each year, including a laundry room, garage, junk drawers, kitchen pantry, and cupboards. As a homeowner, I, too, am guilty of each of these, plus avoiding cleaning out my filing cabinet.

You may routinely clean out your closet using the popular rule; “If I have not worn it in the last 1-2 years, then it’s time to get rid of it.” You might discover your old ‘Frankie Says Relax’ t-shirt. This year, however, will likely be different, as many of us will have more time at home than we ever imagined. 

Beyond the interior and exterior of your home, Metro City Roofing recommends having your roof and gutters checked too. There is value to have a professional inspect roof shingles and all vents and skylights for proper seal and that gutters and downspouts are clean of debris to function as intended. Please call a licensed, reputable roofing company such as Metro City Roofing to inspect your roof and gutters and provide you with the confidence they good shape.

We are excited to share some spring cleaning tasks to consider. Of course, tailor the list to your home and yard. No matter whether you start upstairs or downstairs, inside or outside, set a realistic schedule and focus on one task at a time, ideally enlisting the help of family members.


  • Restock your cleaning supplies. It is critical before you get started to ensure you have on-hand all your must-have supplies.
  • Wipe all walls and ceilings and use a vacuum to remove dust.
  • Reseal grout lines in key rooms along the wall, floor, and countertop tiles. Grout is a cement-based material that is extremely porous and stains easily. Add protection with a penetrating grout sealer.
  • Vacuum and shampoo rugs. You can call a specialist, but you can do this yourself with a carpet cleaning vacuum. Keep in mind there will be some rugs, such as ones without backings, that require professional cleaning.
  • Dust books and shelves. It’s likely best to remove everything from each shelf and brush with a feather duster.
  • Dust your home thoroughly too while you’re at it, including hard-to-reach places, such as the tops of ceiling fans and window casings. Ideally, you should start work from the top of a room down, vacuuming any dust that settles on the floor.
  • Change batteries in all smoke detectors, which should really be done twice a year, so you don’t wake up at 3 am hearing a random beep somewhere in your house. Also, make sure units are free of dust.
  • Wash window screens with warm water and a mild dishwashing liquid. Scrub each screen with a brush and rinse thoroughly.
  • Clean all windows and window treatments. Overcast days are best as direct sun can lead to streaks. Raise any window treatments and wash windows with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. You can then dust the blinds and vinyl shades with a duster and finish by vacuuming fabric shades and drapes. Check labels on draperies and curtains, as many are machine washable. Use a damp cloth to wipe wooden blinds.
  • Clean your doormats. You may have several, including front, rear, and garage entry. You may also have an inside and outside mat at each entry point. To refresh, hose off, and air-dry mats. Vacuum indoor ones on both sides.

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We are open for business but obeying all necessary precautions to keep our customers, partners, and customers sage. Call Metro City Roofing today to schedule your free roof inspection.