Happy Father’s Day from Metro City Roofing

June 19, 2020

13 of the Worst and 7 of the Best Father’s Day gifts.

Father’s Day in the United States was first celebrated on June 19, 1910, in the state of Washington but became a national holiday in 1972. It only took 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an official holiday for dads to receive a similar national celebration. Father’s Day occurs on Sunday, June 21. Further, statistics show that people spend approximately one-third less on Father’s Day than on Mother’s Day.

Worst and Best Gifts Received

We scoured the internet plus a few of our own to list the worst and best Father’s Day presents received.

Worst Father’s Day Presents

  1. Anything that says, “World’s Best Dad.” When we say anything, we mean a silly t-shirt, a coffee mug, socks, or a mouse pad. Just don’t. And certainly add to this list the even jokier, “World’s Okayest Dad.”
  2. Mugs with funny phrases on them. While it may be tempting, don’t go inside the crappy gag gift shop at the mall or online to buy a Father’s Day present.
  3. Gift cards. If you’ve thought about Father’s Day any longer than the day before or day of Father’s Day, don’t buy dad a gift card. It essentially says, “I remembered it was Father’s Day about an hour ago” or “I don’t know you at all and just needed to get you something.” Your dad likely does not need a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory or an even more generic Visa gift card cash. Put in some effort here.
  4. Golf balls. While it’s great you know your dad loves to golf, he’s perfectly capable of buying his own golf balls. It’s only slightly better than a generic gift card.
  5. Novelty clothing. While your dad may not dress in Prada, Burberry, or shop at Nordstrom, he likely does not want to wear ridiculous ties, golfer socks, boxers entitled ‘horny little devil,’ or brightly colored handkerchiefs.
  6. A BBQ apron. It doesn’t matter whether it says “Kiss the chef,” “King of the grill,” or “the Grillfather,” giving your dad a barbecue apron is as ridiculous as giving him an iPhone case when he doesn’t own an iPhone. If he loves you, he may wear it once and then hide it, never to be seen or worn again.
  7. A chore-related gift. No matter how “handy” dad may be, don’t give him something associated with chores like lawn care or carwash equipment. If he needs tools, he will get them himself.
  8. Paraphernalia from a rival university to his alma mater. Don’t buy a coffee mug from Colorado State University for your dad if he went to the University of Colorado. It’s not funny and won’t be used.
  9. Strawberry huller. There’s simply no one who will enjoy hulling strawberries.
  10. Personal hygiene products. Personal hygiene products will likely insult your dad, and it’s the last thing he’ll probably want from his little girl. Thanks for the tongue scraper or nose-hair trimmer. Not.
  11. The Potty Putter. No real explanation needed. Even if your dad spends a reasonable amount of time in the bathroom, he doesn’t need to practice his putting in there.
  12. Squatty Potty. While we’re at it, don’t give dad a bowel movement related item. He’s done just fine for decades and doesn’t need a poop aid from his family as a celebratory present.
  13. Hot dog slicer. It’s the gift that says, “I forgot about Father’s Day, so instead, I regifted the awful joke gift I got from the office White Elephant holiday party.”

Best Father’s Day Presents

  1. A travel mug or pajamas from his alma mater. As we get older, we fondly remember our carefree times.
  2. A t-shirt from his favorite music band.
  3. Special tickets to a favorite sports team. We’re not talking about just getting tickets; we’re talking good seats. It’s arguable whether seated in the upper bleachers where you need binoculars to see even the scoreboard is worth leaving the house. Splurge for good seats and thrill your dad. We’ve got some great sports teams here in Colorado, whether it’s the Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avalance, Rapids, Mammoth, etc.
  4. Do what he wants to do all day – and don’t complain the whole time. Watch a movie with him even if you’ve both seen it before.
  5. Let dad pick where to dine out. Let it be his day.
  6. A photo of your dad and his child, children, or the entire family.
  7. Buy something he would enjoy and use. A new golf driver or putter would be just fine in this household.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day in 2020

It looks like we’ll have some sunny, warm weather here in Colorado this Father’s Day. Have a BBQ but don’t make dad cook, eat outdoors, ride bikes, go to a driving range and hit balls or practice putting, watch movies, or just about anything where dad gets to spend time with his family and do something he enjoys without compromise.

Time is our most precious commodity. Spend it with the ones you love.

Happy Father’s Day from Metro City Roofing, Denver’s best roofing company.

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