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Metro City Roofing is Denver’s premier roofing contractor.

When you need a professional roof inspection, repair, or replacement, Metro City Roofing is the first and only call you should make.

Our team of professionals earns the same licensing credentials as insurance adjusters, which means we complete every inspection with the same lens as does an insurance adjuster. We also represent you throughout the entire insurance claims process. Top insurance companies in Colorado recommend Metro City Roofing.

Beyond our sales and project management team, our experienced installation crews are committed to delivering outstanding quality and professionalism.

At Metro City Roofing, we live in the same Colorado community where you live and only do business in Colorado. We do not travel the country temporarily in search of the next hailstorm. We take pride in using only the most reputable brands and highest quality materials.

Metro City Roofing is a proud member of the Denver Chamber of Commerce, along with the Better Business Bureau, and National Roofing Contractors Association.

Look no further than Metro City Roofing for the best expertise and professionalism in Denver.

Why Metro City Roofing?

We provide the best professional roofing services in metro Denver and across the Front Range.

We continually strive to differentiate from our competitors in the following ways:

  • Licensed inspectors who inspect your roof and property with the lens of an insurance adjuster; all commercial roof inspections include an evaluation with an infrared camera
  • Professional insurance claims experts who settle your hail damage or wind damage claim successfully
  • Expert sales representatives who help customers select the best roof for their home or business
  • Quality project managers who provide expert supervision on every roofing project 
  • Experienced roof installers with many years of experience who pursue excellence with each roof replacement, restoration, or roof repair
  • Long-term warranties that cover roof material and quality and are backed by manufacturers

Building Department

201 W Colfax Ave, #205
Denver, CO 80202

Roofing codes

The City of Denver has adopted the 2015 International Building Code and International Residential Codes.

View Roofing Code

Key code items

  • No continuous opening between boards can be greater than 1⁄2” regardless of the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the manufacturer requires a smaller gap, then the manufacturer’s requirement prevails.
  • Drip edge is required on all edges of the roof
  • Ice and water shield is not required unless by the manufacturer
  • Venting is not inspected on re-roof projects if the venting meets the building code in effect at the time of original construction. Venting can be added to meet the manufacturer’s warranty requirements, as per the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
  • For low slope requirements, modified bitumen shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Roof coatings do not require a permit.


  • A mid-roof inspection is not required
  • Inspectors carry single-story ladders. For 2-story access, a ladder to the 2nd story is required and installed and tethered to meet OSHA requirements.

Fun facts

  • Denver is precisely one mile high. There is a step on the State Capitol Building that is exactly 5,280 feet (1,609 meters) above sea level.
  • In Denver’s rarified air, golf balls go 10 percent farther. So do cocktails. Alcoholic drinks pack more of a wallop than at sea level. The sun feels warmer in the thinner atmosphere, but your coffee is cooler because water boils at 202 degrees (94 degrees Celsius).
  • In 1858, there was not a single person living in the Denver metro area. Thirty years later, Colorado was a state with a population of almost 200,000. It was a Gold Rush that caused this boom, and in 30 years, Denver saw some of the wildest events in the Wild, Wild West. This fascinating period is relived in museums, old gold mining villages, and hundreds of elegant Victorian buildings.
  • The 1976 Winter Olympics were initially going to be held in Denver. However, after the community voted against it, the city withdrew their bid, making it the first place ever to turn down hosting the Olympics.
  • Famed music group Led Zeppelin played their first show in America at the Denver Auditorium Arena on December 26, 1968.

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