Rockstar Roofing Service in Aurora

You are in good hands; we approach every project we manage like it is our own home.

In Colorado, each year can bring severe hail and windstorms across the Front Range that can cause extensive damage to your roof. 

The professionals at Metro City Roofing are experts in residential and commercial roof replacements and restoration, serving Aurora and the entire Front Range. We are a full service, licensed, and insured roofing contractor – and only do business in the state of Colorado.

Our team is state-licensed independent adjusters who work with many insurance companies to settle your insurance claim successful every time.

Metro City Roofing installs only the highest quality products, giving our customers peace of mind to withstand Colorado’s severe weather. 

When you need a roof replacement, repair, or inspection in Aurora, Metro City Roofing is here to serve you well.

Why Metro City Roofing?

We provide the best professional roofing services in metro Denver and across the Front Range.

We continually strive to differentiate from our competitors in the following ways:

  • Licensed inspectors who inspect your roof and property with the lens of an insurance adjuster; all commercial roof inspections include an evaluation with an infrared camera
  • Professional insurance claims experts who settle your hail damage or wind damage claim successfully
  • Expert sales representatives who help customers select the best roof for their home or business
  • Quality project managers who provide expert supervision on every roofing project 
  • Experienced roof installers with many years of experience who pursue excellence with each roof replacement, restoration, or roof repair
  • Long-term warranties that cover roof material and quality and are backed by manufacturers

Building Division

15151 E. Alameda Parkway
Aurora, CO 80012

Roofing code

The City of Aurora has adopted the 2015 IBC and 2015 IRC.

Key code items

  • Manufacturer’s installation instructions for all roofing materials shall be followed as well as code requirements. Ensure manufacturer’s information is available for the inspector as well.
  • Ice barrier shall extend from the lowest edges of all roof surfaces to a point at least 24 inches inside the exterior wall
  • Drip edge is required at all roof edges both rake and eave


  • A mid-roof inspection is required for all roofing systems except asphalt shingles / asphalt rolled roof after the ice barrier, underlayment, flashing, and the batten system have been installed but before the installation of the roofing materials.
  • A final roof inspection is required for all roofing materials once the roofing has been completed. Roofing must be completed and inspected within six (6) months after the building permit issue date.
  • The City of Aurora will no longer provide a ladder to conduct any form of roofing inspection, including a mid-roof, final inspection, partial inspection, reinspection, etc. It shall be the responsibility of the permit holder to provide access to and means for inspections of such work required by this code. A ladder will be required to be placed per OSHA requirements.

Fun facts

  • Aurora, Colorado is the state’s third-largest city, and known for its cultural food, artistic exhibits, outdoor recreation, and relaxing atmosphere. Sailing, golfing, art, fast-pitch softball, and live theater are examples of everyday things to do in the city. Its proximity to Denver has long kept it in the realm of the Denver suburb. But that is changing as it gains more and more recognition as a city worthy of its own distinction.
  • During the fall of 1955, President Dwight D. Eisenhower recovered from a heart attack in the city, and world attention was then focused on Aurora.

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