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Providing guidance into the hail damage insurance claim and roof replacement and restoration process.

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About AAA

As soon as the first horseless carriages appeared on America’s roads, motoring enthusiasts began organizing automobile clubs. In 1902, only 23,000 cars were in operation in this country compared with 17 million horses. Yet, motorists had formed approximately 50 small auto clubs across the country. Nine of those clubs met in Chicago on March 4, 1902, to create a national motoring organization; the result was the formation of the American Automobile Association with 1,500 members. The primary purpose of this organization was to support driver’s rights and ensure safety, whether it be for vehicles or roads. As popularity of the organization expanded, so did its coverage, including planning tools for road trips and roadside assistance, as well as offering insurance plans.

AAA Colorado was initially founded in 1922 under the name Rocky Mountain Motorists. As the number of motorists increased, it was evident that Colorado’s roads needed some significant improvement. The weather in the state didn’t help. Roads were either dusty in dry weather or muddy in the rainy season. With only two paved highways at the time, AAA realized that change was needed. To support its state’s drivers, one of its main objectives was to secure investors to support the transportation infrastructure, including developing more paved highways. Additionally, AAA Colorado started numbering Colorado’s state highways, still in existence today.

Rocky Mountain Motorists became part of AAA in 1924. At that point, AAA had 1,500 members. AAA has since grown to 58 million members with 1,100 offices across North America. AAA is a top insurance company, and a leader and advocate for the safety and security of all travelers.


AAA Corporate Headquarters

Automobile Association of America (AAA)
1000 AAA Drive
Heathrow, Florida 32746


AAA Facts

  • Created in 1902
  • The nation’s leading provider of roadside assistance and automotive-related expertise
  • The world’s largest publisher of travel information and one of the world’s largest leisure travel agencies
  • One of the most active advocates for the welfare of the traveling public
  • One of the fastest growing financial products and services organizations in the United States
  • A top performer in the life insurance industry
  • The largest seller of leisure travel in the world


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Why Metro City Roofing?

If you are a AAA insured homeowner in Colorado and need a professional roof inspection across the Front Range, roof replacement or repair, Metro City Roofing is the first and only call you should make. We are Denver’s premier roofing contractor.

Metro City Roofing is proud to partner with local AAA agencies across the Front Range. Starting with a free roof inspection, we will represent you during all interactions with your insurance company, settling your hail damage or wind damage insurance claim directly, including possible code-related requirements, to ensure that you receive all funds owed to you. Our expert staff are state-licensed independent adjusters, which means that as roofers, we evaluate your property with the same lens as an insurance adjuster.

Our goal is to simplify the hail damage insurance claims process for you following a hailstorm, offering a full explanation of any damages and possible code-related requirements. We provide complete documentation of our inspection process, including photos and a written damage estimate, and act as a full-service roof replacement or roof repair contractor when a hailstorm or windstorm requires an insurance claim.

When you have any concern with hail damage or wind damage to your roof, trust the professionals at Metro City Roofing.

Contact Metro City Roofing today to schedule your free roof inspection.