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Providing guidance into the hail damage insurance claim and roof replacement and restoration process.

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About Travelers

As one of the longest standing insurance companies, Travelers has been offering accident insurance for more than 160 years. Travelers’ reputation as one of the best property casualty insurers is because it is an “insurance company that cares.” The Travelers Companies Inc. is a joint venture of two merged companies, Travelers & The Saint Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company.

Travelers tells the story of its early beginnings in 1864 on its website. Hartford businessman James G. Batterson met a local banker, James E. Bolter, in the post office. Bolter had heard that Batterson and several fellow townsmen were organizing a company to introduce accident insurance to the United States. He asked Batterson how much he would charge to insure him for his four-block walk home. “Two cents,” Batterson said.

The St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company began in 1855 by Alexander Wilkin, who realized the need for local insurance to handle the threat of fire. The first claim that the company handled was a bakery file that had spread to neighboring offices.

In 2004, both companies merged and, in 2007, changed its name to The Travelers Companies, Inc.

With a strong focus on innovation, Travelers has been an industry leader and first to market in many areas. In its early years, it was the first to offer accident insurance in 1864, offered an auto insurance policy in 1897, and aircraft liability insurance, with a full aviation program in 1919. Later, it offered life insurance to women at a lower rate than men, issued accident policies for the space program in 1969, and started an insurance policy to protect online bankers from fraud in 1997. Most recently, Travelers was the first in the industry to offer a national discount to drivers of hybrid vehicles or partner with Amazon to launch a digital storefront.

Travelers’ long-time expertise and innovative initiatives have made the company a leader in personal, business, and specialty insurance. Homeowners insurance policies through Travelers offer flexible plans to suit any customers’ needs. Dwelling coverage can help cover damage to the structure of your home if damaged by house fires, severe weather, falling objects, or vandalism, and theft.


Travelers Corporate Headquarters

One Tower Square
Hartford, CT 06183


Travelers Facts

  • Approximately 30,000 employees
  • Total assets of approximately $104 billion and shareholders’ equity of approximately $23 billion as of Dec. 31, 2018
  • Total revenue of approximately $30 billion in 2018
  • A top 10 writer of personal insurance in the United States
  • 1 writer of Surety in the United States
  • The largest writer of workers compensation insurance in the United States
  • The largest writer of commercial property insurance in the United States


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Why Metro City Roofing?

If you are a Travelers insured homeowner in Colorado and need a professional roof inspection across the Front Range, roof replacement or repair, Metro City Roofing is the first and only call you should make. We are Denver’s premier roofing contractor.

Metro City Roofing is proud to partner with local Travelers agencies across the Front Range. Starting with a free roof inspection, we will represent you during all interactions with your insurance company, settling your hail damage or wind damage insurance claim directly, including possible code-related requirements, to ensure that you receive all funds owed to you. Our expert staff are state-licensed independent adjusters, which means that as roofers, we evaluate your property with the same lens as an insurance adjuster.

Our goal is to simplify the hail damage insurance claims process for you following a hailstorm, offering a full explanation of any damages and possible code-related requirements. We provide complete documentation of our inspection process, including photos and a written damage estimate, and act as a full-service roof replacement or roof repair contractor when a hailstorm or windstorm requires an insurance claim.

When you have any concern with hail damage or wind damage to your roof, trust the professionals at Metro City Roofing.

Contact Metro City Roofing today to schedule your free roof inspection.