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Can Your Roof Really Help Sell Your Home?

Using Your Roof as a Sales Tool

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A new roof may not be top of mind when considering a home improvement project to increase your home’s value. Replacing your home’s roof can increase the appraisal value of the home.

For Colorado homeowners trying to sell a home, a new roof can be a great selling point and significantly increase the asking price and sales price. An old, worn, or simply dirty looking roof can be a detriment to a potential sale. Unless a buyer wants a fixer-upper, he does not want to purchase a home that may need major roof repairs or full replacement soon.

A new roof will help your home stand out from others and may help it sell faster in your local real estate market by eliminating any potential buyer’s objections on a home inspection list associated with the roof.

With Class 4 shingles, a new buyer can take advantage of an upgraded roof that will deliver a discount on your homeowners insurance policy for decades.

Increasing Your Home’s Value After a Hailstorm

A new roof may have a significant impact on home value, specifically on home resale value. If you’ve experienced a recent hailstorm in your neighborhood and suspect you have hail damage to your roof, we recommend contacting a professional roofing contractor The roofer will inspect your roof to either confirm or deny your suspicion. If you own your home at the date of the most recent hailstorm, you can file a hail damage roof claim with your insurance company and limit your out-of-pocket expenses to your insurance deductible.

A recent survey from Remodeling Magazine revealed that a roof replacement with asphalt shingles in Colorado could increase the resale value of a home by more than $14,400.

In addition to the financial value of a new roof, new architectural roofing shingles can showcase your home better and help to stand out prominently when a prospective buyer visits your home.

While a roof alone may not sell the home, it will be one of the first things a buyer sees and helps form the first impression.

If you elect to replace your roof before listing your home, you will avoid any building inspection issues. A roof is one of the most visible features of a home and one that building inspectors and appraisers will certainly inspect carefully. An old roof or one in poor or damaged condition may result in a longer sales cycle where a buyer may require a new roof before closing, fewer purchase offers, or reduced offer pricing, as buyers may anticipate the cost of replacing the roof soon.

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6 Critical Signs You May Need to Repair or Replace Your Roof

There are six critical warning signs on a roof that are red flags for home inspectors and can impact your home’s curb appeal, including:

  1. Missing, cracked, or lifted shingles resulting from wind or hail damage
  2. Large hail impact marks that look like indentations or dimples that bruise the shingle
  3. Buckling shingles that do not lie flat on the roof
  4. Warped or sagging roof, which could signal a more significant problem underneath the roof such as rotten decking
  5. Substantial asphalt roofing granules in the gutters or the ground near the downspouts
  6. Interior leaks or stains on a ceiling or wall

What Roofing Material is Best?

Multi-colored asphalt shingle with tan, brown, and light green flecks

Impact resistant shingles are worth the cost Impact resistant shingles offer multiple benefits, including a 50-year rating and insurance premium savings.

If you need to replace shingles on only part of the roof, you’ll want to match your existing roof material. If you are replacing the roof completely, you have more options in types of materials.

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Insurance companies will not pay to upgrade your existing roof; they will only pay for exactly what you currently have. If you’re selling your home, you will need to decide whether the return on investment will be worth it to upgrade the roof.

Asphalt Shingle Roof

Asphalt shingles are durable, affordable, and easy to install. These roofing shingles are the most common roofing material in the US, with 80% of US homes having asphalt roofs. Depending on the style you select, asphalt shingles will last 25-50 years. They are available in a wide variety of colors.

What are Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles?

The Institute of Business and Home Safety (IBHS) and the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) developed the UL 2218 classification to establish a national standard for roof impact resistance. Asphalt roofing shingles have ratings from Class 1 through 4 based on their resistance to a steel ball simulation test. A Class 4 roof shingle rating is the toughest.

Asphalt roofing shingles classified as impact resistant have a Class 4 rating designed to withstand high winds and hail damage. The shingle rating is not visible by merely looking at the asphalt shingles, although the impact rating is typically marked on the cellophane on the underside of the shingle.

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Homeowners can expect to receive a 28% discount ($863 annual average savings) on their homeowners insurance policy with a Class 4 impact resistant roof.

Synthetic or Composite Shingles

Synthetic roof shingles are designed to look like slate or wood but are comparably priced to premium asphalt. Synthetic roofs can last up to 50 years with minimal maintenance.

Wood Shingles or Wood Shakes

While they look nice, wood shingles and wood shakes are significantly more expensive than asphalt, with a 25-year life expectancy. Some cities and counties no longer allow wood roofs due to fire hazards. You will need to check with your city or county before signing a contract for a wood roof replacement.

Metal Roofing

A metal roof is made from connecting sections of metal roofing cut to fit your home. Metal roofs are expensive, and this can range based on the thickness of the metal you select, but they’re incredibly durable and can last 50 years or more. Metal roofs are popular in areas that receive significant snow, as the slippery surface sheds snow easily.

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Tile, Clay, or Concrete

Common on Spanish-style or newer expensive homes, tile, clay, or concrete tiles are incredibly long-lasting. However, this roofing material is costly and cost up to three times the cost of asphalt roofs.


Slate roofs have a life expectancy of more than 100 years since the shingles are made of real stone. Slate is heavy and expensive but costs substantially more than asphalt.

Keep Track of Roof Inspection or Roof Replacement Dates and Documentation

We recommend providing any documentation from a recent roof inspection, roof repair, or roof replacement, as these are important to future home buyers.

If you have a Class 4 shingle roof, you will need to provide this Class 4 certification to the new buyer to enable the new buyer to receive a discount on the homeowners insurance policy.

Roof Certifications

We provide a 5-year roof warranty or certification to real estate agents when we believe the condition of the roof is good, and lifespan will be another 5+ years. These certifications are common requests by realtors (especially those who represent the seller) who desire the home sale transaction to go smoothly, avoiding home inspection objections, significant repairs, and delays, especially in a competitive market.

When buying or selling a home, Metro City Roofing can provide roofing certifications and tune-ups as necessary.

Be Proactive

Most potential homebuyers are not going to climb on top of the roof to inspect it. Individuals selling a home would be wise to ensure there are no loose shingles or debris on the roof that can impact its integrity or life expectancy. A serious buyer will likely request a roof inspection with a home inspector before committing to a purchase. Proactive homeowners may have a better chance of selling their homes for top dollar by ensuring that the roof is in good condition and looks as good as possible.

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Jonathan Abramson

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