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The Benefits of Working with a Colorado Roofing Association (CRA) Approved Roofing Contractor

July 01, 2020

Metro City Roofing is a CRA Approved Roofing Contractor The Colorado Roofing Association was established in 1978 with a commitment to “Promote the ethics, education, and image of the roofing industry throughout the State of Colorado through the actions of its members.” The Colorado Roofing Association’s goal is to help homeowners and commercial building owners …

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Are Impact Resistant Shingles Worth It?

June 30, 2020

Metro City Roofing believes the answer is yes! Better Protection for your Roof In Colorado, we experience hailstorms each year that do extensive damage to homes, businesses, cars, trucks, and more. Most homeowners have limited experience with the roof replacement or roof repair process. At Metro City Roofing, we are experts in the new roof …

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Avoid “Chuck in a Truck”

June 29, 2020

Metro City Roofing – your Colorado professional roofing company. Following a large hailstorm, Colorado becomes a target for fly-by-night roofers (we call them “Chuck in a truck”). The good news is these salespeople are easy to identify as they knock door-to-door, offer quick repairs at inexpensive rates, typically lack a professional online presence, and have …

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The Benefits of Working with an ICC Certified Roofing Contractor

June 25, 2020

Metro City Roofing is an ICC Certified Roofing Contractor The International Code Council (ICC) is a nonprofit association that provides a wide range of building safety solutions, including product evaluation, accreditation, certification, codification, and training. It develops model codes and standards used worldwide to construct safe, sustainable, affordable, and resilient structures. The International Code Council …

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The Benefits of Hiring an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

June 25, 2020

Metro City Roofing is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. As a top roofing company in Colorado, Metro City Roofing chooses to partner with Owens Corning not only as of the most recognized brand in roofing but also because they manufacture locally in Denver, Colorado.

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Happy Father’s Day from Metro City Roofing

June 19, 2020

13 of the Worst and 7 of the Best Father’s Day gifts. Father’s Day in the United States was first celebrated on June 19, 1910, in the state of Washington but became a national holiday in 1972. It only took 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an official holiday for dads to …

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June is National Safety Month: Roofing Industry

June 17, 2020

Choosing the Right Roofer Safety is critical both inside and outside the workplace. As such, the United States’ leading non-profit safety advocate, the National Safety Council (NSC), has designated each June as National Safety Month®. National Safety Month focuses on saving lives and preventing injuries at the workplace to anyplace. While National Safety Month typically …

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The Ultimate Guide to Hail Damage Roof Replacement

June 16, 2020

A step-by-step guide from inspection through roof replacement. Find us on Google with “best roofing company,” “best roofing contractor,” or “best roofer near me,” drive past our work, or on a referral basis.Initiate contact via email or phone.One of our staff will have an initial call to understand the reason for your inquiry and schedule …

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Insurance Terms with Your Hail Damage Claim

June 11, 2020

Two Types of Homeowners Insurance Policies When selecting a homeowners insurance policy, there are two types of policies – Replacement Cost Value (RCV) and Actual Cash Value (ACV). Your roof replacement insurance estimate will include terms many policyholders have not seen before. These terms include Replacement Cost Value (RCV), Actual Cash Value (ACV), and Recoverable …

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Best Roofing Company Near Me

June 10, 2020

Many Colorado homeowners and building owners become concerned that they may have hail damage on their roof following a hailstorm or throughout the year. Online searches on Google and other search engines for roofing companies increase with popular keywords and phrases such as “best roofer”, “best roofing contractor in Denver”, and “best roofing company near me”.

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